"When you help a child today, you write the history of tomorrow." - Father Flanagan

Recently, under the guidance of its dynamic National Executive Director, Fr. Steven Boes, Boys Town leadership adopted a five-year Strategic Plan to "change the system of care" for the nation`s troubled youth, a mission they approach with daily resolve and passion.

Coincidentally, Boys Town introduced its pioneering Integrated Continuum of Care services and programs that the national organization had been building over many years, providing as Fr. Boes` describes, "the right care at the right time to America`s hurting families and children." At the heart of this innovative model of care and the organization`s strategic plan are two state-of-the-art facilities in Omaha, NE that will serve as a cornerstone for a nationwide program: the Boys Town Center for Behavioral Health and the Boys Town Center for Neurobehavioral Disorders.

First, however, Boys Town recognized the need to augment its fund raising strategy, focusing more on major gifts. "Traditionally, our fund raising consisted mainly of very effective direct mail and planned giving programs," said Laurie Susie, Senior Vice President at Boys Town, "but to mount a plan such as the one on which we are embarking, we have to think on a bigger and broader scale."

To do so, Boys Town engaged Ghiorsi & Sorrenti, Inc. to develop a National Development and Fund Raising Strategic Plan. The result? A comprehensive roadmap for the Boys Town development enterprise that will guide it in significantly increasjng fund raising productivity and, especially, in funding the new facilities.

"GSI helped us navigate a brave new fund raising world," said Susie, "one that will reap dividends for generations to come, and help save troubled youth and their families all over this country."


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Martin Richman

Martin Richman is the Vice President of Philanthropy and Executive Director of the Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation (MRHF) in Milford, MA, the latest position in an enormously rich and productive career. Since Martin's arrival at Milford a few years ago, the development program has expanded exponentially, including most recently, a major capital campaign that Martin is spearheading in partnership with GSI as counsel. Martin recalls that it was professional culture shock when he transitioned to healthcare from the arts.

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