GSI provides a complete array of philanthropic consulting services to a wide array of non-profits in healthcare, education, religion, human services, the environment and the arts. Over the years, the firm has pioneered innovative fund raising practices which have proven to advance methodologies and enhance productivity, especially in capital campaigning. Today, Ghiorsi & Sorrenti, Inc. is a recognized leader in the philanthropic consulting industry.


Martin Richman

Martin Richman is the Vice President of Philanthropy and Executive Director of the Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation (MRHF) in Milford, MA, the latest position in an enormously rich and productive career. Since Martin's arrival at Milford a few years ago, the development program has expanded exponentially, including most recently, a major capital campaign that Martin is spearheading in partnership with GSI as counsel. Martin recalls that it was professional culture shock when he transitioned to healthcare from the arts.

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